Padstow Cemetery

Padstow Cemetery is located on the Newquay Road in to Padstow.  Free parking is provided at the top of the Cemetery and access to the graves can be obtained on foot.

The Cemetery was opened in 1881 and still remains open to burials in Earthen Graves and Cremation Plots.

The Cemetery is managed and operated by Padstow Town Council in accordance with the Local Authorities’ Cemeteries Order (LACO) 1977, as amended by the Local Authorities’ (Amendment) Order 1984 and such other regulations as may be made by the Secretary of State for the Department of Justice, from time to time.

Padstow Town Council welcomes all visitors to our cemetery asking that you please respect it at all times.

For any further information regarding the Cemetery, please contact the Council Offices or view the associated documents below.

Associated Documents

Padstow Town Council Cemetery Regulations 2021

Cemetery Fees 2022

Cemetery Notice of Interment

Cemetery Interment Information Sheet

Memorial/Monument Application Form

Reservation of Earthen Burial Plot

Reservation of Cremation Plot

Exclusive Right Of Burial Information Sheet