NDP Consultation

COMMUNITY CONSULTATION: Monday 8 July to Friday 2 August 2019
The 1st Version of Our Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan is available!

This is YOUR Plan, we need to hear from YOU so as to shape the future development of our community and local environment.
Please make your views known:

  • Do you like what you see?
  • Do you agree with the draft polices
  • What improvements could be made to the Plan?

Without your comments and views, it won’t be YOUR Plan! 

You can view the Draft Plan HERE

To comment, you can use the NDP Comments Form HERE and email it to ndp@padstow-tc.gov.uk or comment in a direct email to the same address.

Alternatively you can comment via the website using the box below.  Website comments will be published and visible to all.

If preferred, hard copies of the Draft Plan are available from the Town Council Offices.

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Privacy Statement: The purpose of receiving comments is to help develop the Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan.  The information you provide will be used solely for the use and development of our Neighbourhood Development Plan.  It may be shared with third parties and the information from this questionnaire will be published.  Any personal data you choose to share will require consent and will not be published or shared with third parties.  By commenting via the website comments box you consent to your comment and name being published on the web page.  Your email address will not be published unless you enter it into the body of your comment.  To view Padstow Town Councils General Privacy Notice click HERE or contact the Padstow Town Council Offices for a copy.