Parish Plan

The overall vision for the Padstow Parish Plan is:

To encourage a sustainable and flourishing community for the benefit of all, able to positively embrace social, economic, environmental, and technological change whilst protecting the historic environment and strong sense of community that make Padstow and Trevone such wonderful places to live in and visit.

The Parish Plan reflects the concerns and aspirations of the people of the Parish at this point in its history. We live at the beginning of the twenty-first century in a time of rapid change. The community needs to have a say in managing this so that all of its people can share in the future and be valued for their contribution. It would be a great sadness if we lost the caring and concern which has been a vital part of the communities of Padstow and Trevone.

Richard Carew, writing in 1602 in his Survey of Cornwall, gave Cornish towns nicknames and to Padstow he gave the title ‘The good Fellowship of Padstow’. We must preserve all that is good in the community, whilst being ready to seize opportunities for ensuring a prosperous future which can be shared by all.

Hard copies of the Padstow and Trevone Parish Plan can be obtained from the Council Offices or a pdf can be downloaded by clicking on this link.