The Plan

Padstow Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Made Version of The Plan

Decision of Cornwall Council: That the Padstow Neighbourhood Development Plan, having been approved by more than half of those voting at referendum held on 28 July 2022, is made and is used, as part of the development plan for Cornwall, in development management decisions in the parish of Padstow, pursuant to section 38A (4) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.

Padstow Parish Neighbourhood Plan Made Version Sept22


Referendum Results

Referendum Agreed – Padstow

Declaration of Result of Poll – Padstow NPR

Padstow Parish Neighbourhood Plan


Cornwall Council have issued a Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations for the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum.  To view the notice, please click on the link below:

Notice of Poll

For more information on the referendum please visit

Cornwall Council have issued a Notice of Referendum for the Padstow Neighbourhood Plan.  It will be held on 28 July 2022.   To view the notice and the Referendum documents, please click on the links below:

Notice of Referendum
Referendum Documents [scroll down to Padstow when Cornwall Council site opens]

Independent Examination

An Independent Examiner gave consideration to the Submission Version of the Padstow Parish Neighbourhood Plan and concluded in their report of 1 April 2022 that, subject to some recommended modifications, the Plan should proceed to a community Referendum.

Cornwall Council gave consideration to the modified Plan and considered the recommendations of the Independent Examiner, concluding on 11 May 2022 that “the Padstow Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan is modified according to the Examiner’s recommendations, the Plan proposal decision is published and the Plan progresses to Referendum”.

The documents can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Examiners Report
Cornwall Council Decision Notice
Padstow Parish Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Version (5.2) April 2022

Submission Version

The Padstow Parish Neighbourhood Plan and accompanying documents were formally submitted to Cornwall Council on 24 August 2021.

Padstow Parish Neighbourhood Plan Submission Version (4.3) July 2021
Padstow Parish Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement July 2021
Basic Conditions Statement July 2021
Local Green Space Assessment Report Update Sept 2020


Reports & Resources

Click on the links below to access additional reports and information pertaining to the Neighbourhood Development Plan


Project Schedule & Timing Information

Project Plan

Padstow Parish Neighbourhood Plan (Earlier Versions)

Submission Version (Version 4.2 for Town Council Consideration 2021)
Pre-Submission Version (Version 3.4 for Regulation 14 Consultation February 2021)
Pre-Submission Version (Version 3.2 for SEA/HRA Screening September 2020)
1st Consultation Version June 2019


Regulation 14 Comments – Referrals to Town Council
Regulation 14 Comments
Second Home Policy Review June21
HRA and SEA Screening Report Padstow September 2020
Padstow PNP Local Green Space Assessment Report Update Sep20
Analysis of Responses to Informal Community Consultation on 1st Version of NP Amended Jul20
LGS Owners Consultation Report May19
Padstow PNP Second Homes Policy Paper Feb19
Padstow Parish NP Community Survey 2018 Report Feb19
Padstow PNP Local Green Space Assessment Report Feb19
Trecerus Industrial Estate Survey Report Oct18
Growth Impact Discussion Group Paper – July 2018
Growth Strategy Context
New Dwelling Related Planning Apps 2010-18
Business Consultation Report May 2018
Housing Need Survey Report April 2018
Community Consultation Report – February 2018
Aims Objectives Workshop Report Jan 2018
Local Evidence Report at Dec 2017
Strategic Context Report
Open Space assessment Padstow Nov 16
Padstow Critical Drainage Area 2015

Wildlife Resource Information

Padstow CP Wildlife Resource Map
NC2.3 – Constantine Bay to Harlyn Bay CWS
NC2.4 – Trevone Bay to Stepper Point CWS
NC36.1 – Camel Estuary CWS
NC43 – Polmark Valley CWS
Guidance notes