The Plan

Regulation 14 Consultation Notice

In accordance with Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Part 5, 14(a)-(c), notice is given that a formal pre-submission public consultation on the draft Padstow Parish Neighbourhood Plan will start at 9.00am on Monday 8 February 2021 for a 10 week period.   To view the Consultation Notice in full click on this link.

To view the Padstow Parish Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission Version February 2021 and make comments click on this link.

To read more about Regulation 14 and what it means and an Executive Summary of the Plan click on this link

Reports & Resources

Click on the links below to access additional reports and information pertaining to the Neighbourhood Development Plan


Project Schedule & Timing Information

Project Plan

Padstow Parish Neighbourhood Plan (Earlier Versions)

Pre-Submission Version of the Padstow Parish Neighbourhood Plan (Version 3.2 for SEA/HRA Screening September 2020)
1st Consultation Version June 2019


HRA and SEA Screening Report Padstow September 2020
Padstow PNP Local Green Space Assessment Report Update Sep20
Analysis of Responses to Informal Community Consultation on 1st Version of NP Amended Jul20
Padstow Parish NP Community Survey 2018 Report Feb19
Padstow PNP Local Green Space Assessment Report Feb19
Trecerus Industrial Estate Survey Report Oct18
Growth Impact Discussion Group Paper – July 2018
Growth Strategy Context
New Dwelling Related Planning Apps 2010-18
Business Consultation Report May 2018
Housing Need Survey Report April 2018
Community Consultation Report – February 2018
Aims Objectives Workshop Report Jan 2018
Local Evidence Report at Dec 2017
Strategic Context Report
Open Space assessment Padstow Nov 16

Wildlife Resource Information

Padstow CP Wildlife Resource Map
NC2.3 – Constantine Bay to Harlyn Bay CWS
NC2.4 – Trevone Bay to Stepper Point CWS
NC36.1 – Camel Estuary CWS
NC43 – Polmark Valley CWS
Guidance notes