Bandstand Performances

2022 Schedule

Padstow Town Council are looking forward to inviting bands back this coming July and August.

Please note: on some occasions bands may need to cancel last minute and we apologies if the performance does not go ahead as planned, we do try and keep the above schedule up to date.

Road Closure 
To aid safety during these performances the Town Council applies for a road closure from Cornwall Council.  Performances can  only take place if this closure is agreed.
Event Site Notice for 2022 

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, S.16A
The below closure has been approved.   Please click the following link to view a map, the site notice and approved Order:
Event:        Padstow Bandstand Events – 03/07/2022 – 28/08/2022
Date:         3rd July 2022
Times:       14:30 to 20:15 hours