Tree Memorials

Memorial Policy Update March 2020

Processing of any requests for a memorial tree or shrub are on hold at present. This is due to work being undertaken with a Tree Inspector to ascertain how much space there is available to offer in order not to compromise the establishment of any new trees/shrubs and also the growth of existing trees/shrubs. Padstow Town Council wants to be best advised that any area offered is sustainable to ensure, best we can, that the trees/shrubs will flourish and grow. Therefore for the moment, if you are interested please provide your contact details so once this investigation has taken place and given due consideration we can contact you to update and advise accordingly.

It is the policy of Padstow Town Council to accept donations for the purpose of planting trees, shrubs (referred to as memorials) within Wheal Jubilee Parc & Padstow Cemetery to memorialise a departed family member or friend, subject to availability of space.

No applications will be considered for bench memorials as the Council feel that their is no further space available for the siting of further benches in the parish.

Approximate Costings:

  • Trees/Shrubs – price will be cost price to include tree post and delivery plus £20 plus VAT for planting and upkeep.
  • New Memorial Plaque – £50 plus VAT
  • Addition/Update To Existing Plaque – administration fee of £20 plus VAT

Memorial Application Forms:

Please ensure you have read the Padstow Town Council Memorials Policy in full before applying.   

Memorial Policy