The Future of Station House

Jul 31, 2012 | News

The questionnaires have now been received and the results are being collated  If anyone has any further comments to make regarding the future of the building please contact the town Council offices.

The Station House

The Station House


  1. Malcolm Martyn

    Dear sir/madam.

    In this day and age Padstow is a tourist cash cow and despite what actual Padstow people feel, I worry that the wrong decisions will be taken over the extended life of the station.

    In my heart I rather hope that it is decided to restore the building to its former glory and maybe pop a couple of shops in there but keep it as it was. To demolish it would be a crying shame and detract from Padstow’s rich history. I wonder if it could be put together as part of a historic tour for visitors to while away holiday evenings or something similar or maybe turned into a toy shop selling train memorabilia.

    Could it possibly be used as Padstow museum after a refit. passing footfall and decent signage would help greatly improve both funding and the museum exhibit space and so on.

    One hopes that this is thought through carefully and not rushed as is often the case as once its gone it can never be replaced.

    Kindest regards

    Malcolm R Martyn

  2. david King

    our local old station at mortehoe exists heavily modified info flts but Ilfracombe has long gone Padstow is lucky and has is a more complete link with the past in a sea of cars

    Its not difficult to seal a property from Radon and who knows one day trains might run to Padstow again
    once its gone you cant get it back

    D K

  3. Peter Richards

    Is this a thinly-disguised excuse for getting rid of yet another fine old building?

    Radon is found all over Cornwall and unless you have a level in excess of 200 Becquerels per cubic metre you are not in the ‘action’ zone.

    There is a big industry providing remedies for an excessive build up of Radon which would not require the station building’s demolition.

    If you do demolish the building you are not going to get rid of the Radon – that is in the ground as a natural product of granite!

  4. Michael Byng

    Why is it essential that the building is demolished? The old railway line could be re-opened from Padstow to Wadebridge and through to Bodmin. Then it would welcome to have a building in keeping with the area and not some modern-image construction out of touch with its surroundings. I am not a resident of Padstow nor the surrounding area but I am a regular visitor to the area. Professionally I advise on the funding and building of railways internationally and I have walked the route from Bodmin through to Padstwo along the Camel Trail.
    If re-opened, the railway would benefit local economies including Padstow.
    As for the cost of reconstruction, I have also contributed to Infrastructure UK’s (part of HM Treasury) survey of the cost of infrastructure construction in the UK that can be considerably reduced if we try to learn from international methods rather than scorn them.
    The McNulty report of the cost of our railways is correct with its headline “30% too expenses”
    but the exces stems from the cost of the intial constrcution and and the maintenance not from the cost of operating them.
    Please let me know if I can help

  5. roger

    it would be a terrible shame to lose the station house and all efforts should be taken to deal with
    the h&s issues, if it is radon then that can be dealt with: see article.

    padstow station is the last remaining link to the old NCR line,\the atlantic coast express and it is imperative you try and save this
    iconic building especially as the camel trail starts here.
    the metropole hotel was built because of the station.
    it can be self financing as a tea room and railway museum with some thought and why not start a local fund and get rick stein on board and maybe pete waterman.
    wadebridge station still stands as a tribute to betjeman.

    come on padstow do not throw away your history.

  6. Dave Russell

    Pleased to learn it is to be replaced – some naive people are becoming decidedly vociferous regarding its preservation. They seem to think it “must be saved” simply because it was once a railway station – It isn’t now, and never will be again, so do, please, pull it down.
    Replacement – well, not a car park, thank you!

  7. Heavens Above Amethyst Angel

    Leave it standing and give it to the people of Padstow to use for FREE my Grandad Bill Lindsey would be thrilled if it was set up as a building free at the point of use for the LOCAL people of Padstow and their decendants
    Padstow Art Group – surely they have been in operation since 1978 Bill Lindsey snr and Jim Lennon were among the founder Members
    Padstow Museum – Bill Lindsey Snr founder member
    Fundraising Venue for local chairites to use
    Meeting venue
    Keep the promise you made to the people of Padstow and her decendants dont let our community down any more!

  8. Fay Smith

    Station House
    ~ I believe it is very important for Padstow to hold on to its history going into the future.
    ~ The building should be kept and the Museum should be the main winner.
    ~ Depending on the number of rooms available I believe these should be used by local groups for all. We could have evening classes for the locals and ‘crafts’ of all types.
    ~ I think included in the scheme should be public toilets, Ben’s cafe and the maintenance office.
    ~ I know it’s not realistic however would like the actual building work to be done by local’s with maybe an apprentice scheme for Padstonians (of all ages) who want to learn a new trade or re train.
    ~ We do not want more art galleries, no more Mr Stein properties. We want/need something for the locals fundamentally.

  9. ian rabey

    its part of padstows history its all we have left of the gwr that used to thrive there it is padstow .. one of the first buildings u c coming in to town…. dont knock it down padstow has changed so much over the years and not all of it for the better …. what next ban mayday cos none padstow people who live there dont like it change padstows name to steinstow . padstow has so much history and slowly its all being knocked down and rebuilt….. if u stand back and look at the town and think how much better it was 20 30 years ago may b just may b the few locals left on the town council can make better use of station house .. its always been there and should b there for years to come. PADSTOW HAS ALWAYS BEEN A FISHING PORT NOT A MARINA FOR PART TIME YUPPIES TO MORE THERE LITTLE BOATS SO THEY CAN STAY IN THERE SECOND HOMES ….. LEAVE PADSTOW ALONE

  10. Brian George

    The railway station should be kept for future use as and when the railway is reopened.

    With a population at Padstow of 3000+ seasonal increases, and with Wadebridge having a population of 7000+ seasonal increases it is high time your council and the Cornwall County Council made vigerous representations for the lines to be reopened in your area. Along with a connection down to Bodmin.

    Cornwall can apply for regional infrastructure assistance, the regional building fund, not to mention putting the project in the County Structure plan and contacting the Department of Transport regarding this matter.

    Padstow station is a heritage building with a history and your council, should, at the very least be contacting English Heritage and the Heritage Lottery fund with a view to its preservation. Not simply move your staff out due to the rumours of Radon Gas which I hear appears to be the problem. Or at least the Health and Safety problems that you mention.

    Development of the rail network in your area is important to the thousands of people who live locally.
    Your council should be taking pro active steps to ensure the future preservation of the building instead of looking to knock it down and putting up shops or offices in its place. You could also relocate the other innapropriate buildings at the station such as the fish dock building I understand is now stuck on the end of the station platform and will be in the way for any future development.

    Thank you for reading these comments.
    B. W.George

  11. Caroline Richards

    I believe the Station House should stay – restored to its original where possible, good tourist attraction as well. Padstow has lost so much of its heritage over the years; we have already lost the use of the railway with no chance of ever getting it back, so should not lose the station house as well.


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