Mount Pleasant Slip

May 9, 2016 | News

Mount Pleasant Slip – Update 09.05.16

Cornwall Council Soils and Materials Engineer has inspected the area and has confirmed that the safety fencing be removed.

Cornwall Council will be monitoring the slip as part of their routine inspections to check for any further deterioration and address appropriately.


Mount Pleasant Slip – Update 04.05.16

Cornwall Council have reported that the affected area has now been fenced off for safety. It has been possible to maintain access to Mount Pleasant via White Shelter staircase.  Access from the bottom of Mount Pleasant to Stile Field also remains unaffected.

We will keep you informed of repair progress as and when we receive updates.


Mount Pleasant Slip – 29.04.16

A slip has been reported to Cornwall Council at Mount Pleasant.  Cornwall Council have been in contact and will make appropriate steps to ensure that the affected area is fenced off until this matter is dealt with.  Access from the bottom of Mount Pleasant to Stile Field will not be affected.  However, you will be unable to access Mount Pleasant via White Shelter staircase.  We will keep you updated in this matter as we receive updates.


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