Serious criminal damage to the North Quay Toilets

Nov 4, 2022 | News

Following the discovery of the senseless and deliberately destructive criminal damage to the gents toilets at North Quay, one cubicle has been closed and the urinal water system is currently out of order.

This comes only 6 days after graffiti damage to White Shelter.

The North Quay toilet damage is significant and includes a smashed toilet bowl, damage to pipework, flooring, and the urinal system.   The team are working to ensure that some access to the facility remains possible.  However, due to the damage to the urinal water system the team will manually flush through the urinal throughout the day.   Please bear with them.

The Town Mayor, Councillor O’Keefe has expressed his “disgust” at this “mindless vandalism to a recently refurbished and much valued public facility, which will now incur the avoidable spending of additional public money to rectify”.   In order to help protect this and other facilities, the decision has been taken to close all of the Town Council’s public toilets at 4pm each day.

This crime has been reported to the police.  If anyone has any information about this incident, please contact the police using crime reference: CR/103149/22


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