Padstow Cemetery Regulations

Padstow Cemetery Regulations 2024 

A revised version of the cemetery regulations has been agreed by Padstow Town Council.   The Padstow Cemetery Regulations 2024 will come into effect on 1 April 2024.  The Town Council understands that not all EROB owners may be able to conform to the new regulations from this date, as such a grace period is being given and the Council will not commence its procedure for managing regulation infringements before 10 May 2024.  Prior to commencing the procedure, a notice will be displayed in the cemetery a minimum of 2 weeks before.   You can view the Padstow Cemetery Regulations 2024 by clicking on the links below.

Padstow Cemetery Regulations 2024
Appendix 1 – Map of Padstow Cemetery
Appendix 2 – Procedure For Managing Regulation Infringements

What Are The Key Changes?

Section 3: Cemetery Layout, Grave Types and Memorials Sizes: This section makes clear what types of permanent memorials are permitted in each area of the cemetery. The size of permitted cremation tablets has been increased in some areas.  The need for cremation tablets in the Cremation Extension Area to have an integral vase hole is now optional.
Section 8: Defined Memorial Areas, Size and Specific Restrictions: A Defined Memorial Area [see below] for graves has been introduced to enable individuals to personalise grave spaces whilst ensuring that the cemetery can be safely and easily maintained for the mutual benefit of all.
Section 9: Flowers, Tributes and Mementoes On Graves: This section provides greater clarity as to the types of impermanent mementoes permitted in the cemetery and allows for a greater variety of objects and materials permitted (within the Defined Memorial Area).
Appendix 2: Procedure For Managing Regulation Infringements: A defined process for managing infringements has been agreed in order to i) ensure equal treatment for all; ii) ensure clarity around what will happen should an infringement occur; and iii) ensure the Cemetery is a safe, tidy environment which remains a reverential space for all.   Regular cemetery reviews will identify: deterioration of an object, encroachment on other graves, and compliance.  A purpose built Memorial Store will be placed next to the Gordon Dawe Shelter to hold items that are non-compliant or do not fit into the Defined Memorial Area until they can be collected by their owner.

Why Have The Regulations Changed?

A review of the 2021 regulations and cemetery processes was undertaken by the Leisure, Tourism and Open Spaces (LTOS) Committee following representations made by our community. Specifically, concerns relating to memorabilia on graves including permitted mementoes, the management of regulation infringements, and communication of the regulations.  The review took account of the needs expressed by the community, accepted practices in other cemeteries, and the Council’s obligations as landowner.  It resulted in the Draft Padstow Cemetery Regulations 2024 which the Council consulted on during the period 29 January to 26 February 2024.  You can see how the Draft regulations responded to the feedback about the 2021 Regulations in this document.  Committee’s reaction and response to specific consultation comments can be viewed here.    A full list of consultation responses has been collated in this document.  The final 2024 Cemetery Regulation documents as recommend by the LTOS Committee were considered and approved by the Full Council at it’s meeting on 26 March 2024.